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How to get more distance. information about golf distance

steel driver shaft

Playing with a Steel Driver Shaft

Regardless of whether you watch golf on TV, spend all your time at the course, or love hanging around the golf shop, the chances of seeing a steel shafted driver are essentially zero. Twenty years ago, there were still plenty kicking about on tour and certainly in the bags of many average golfers, but today… Read More »Playing with a Steel Driver Shaft

How Important is Wedge Gapping?

As obsessed as I generally am with all things golf, wedge gapping (and wedges in general) has never been high on my list of golfing priorities. I will happily change irons more often than I change my socks, but I have never paid that much attention to the short game clubs. I know about bounce,… Read More »How Important is Wedge Gapping?

Swing Speed and Distance:How Far do You Hit Your Clubs?


swing speed and distance

Trackman is a great way to capture data from the swing

Distance, especially with the driver, is one of the driving forces in the golf market. Clubs are sold on the distance they generate. Check out the ads for any recent range of clubs and you will find distance placed squarely front and center. In fact, if you want to guarantee that your latest range flops, try selling it as ‘slightly shorter than all the rest’ (then start clearing your desk while you wait!)

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Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder Reviews-Which is Best?

Nikon know a thing or two about optics

Nikon know a thing or two about optics

As even a casual golfer knows, the proper club selection is pivotal for a successful round of golf. But to pick the right club, you have to know the distance to the hole.

Are you tired of trying to guess this distance? How accurate could your guesses be? Golf is one of the most difficult sports to master, so you cannot afford to leave the distance between you and the hole to guesswork. With the Nikon Coolshot laser rangefinders, you can take your game to the next level and feel like you’re playing a round with a professional caddy.

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