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About Us

We love golf. No,really-we LOVE golf 🙂 You might think that you are a fan, but here at First Fairway Golf we are obsessed with everything to do with greens, fairways, clubs and accessories.

You know all those questions that golfers ask themselves? Does a range finder really make a difference? Would I score better in soft spikes? Is golf more fun with a carry bag? We love this stuff and so we want to find the answers.

This means that we love testing equipment, doing reviews and generally writing about the great game. Because, whatever you might have heard, golf can be tough. I know a lot of golfers and all of them have had days when they felt like packing everything in and buying a tennis racket or bowling ball. Anything that makes things easier and simply more fun for the average golfer is something we want to try.

However, we also appreciate that golf can be an expensive sport and not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on all the accessories out there in the hope that they will live up to their promises.

We take a lot of pride and pleasure in providing options that won’t break the bank when we do our reviews. We will help you to avoid that expensive mistake that didn’t quite work out like the ad promised.

We also just like sharing stuff about golf. We are the same as every other golfing nut out there and we have our opinions on blades vs cavity backs, range finders vs gps devices and whether the handicap system really helps golfers.

We also try to shed a little light on some of the more complicated issues facing the game, whether it is the number of people who quit every year, or if distance is ruining the game. Hopefully, we can provide a few solutions and take these debates forward.

Of course, all this depends on you, the reader. We read every comment and are happy to answer. If you don’t agree with our opinions, that’s fine too.

So whether you are a scratch golfer looking for that extra edge or a beginner taking his (or her) first steps on the course, we hope you will find entertainment, information, reviews and opinions to make your golfing experience the best it can be.