How to Hit the Golf Ball Far

how to hit the golf ball far

I’d like to hit my driver ten yards shorter said no golfer ever. If you want to guarantee a flop in the golf industry, tell your average player that your new club will cost him some distance. Although the quest for distance is actually not always as straightforward as the marketing men would have you … Read more

Golf Club Distance Calculator

In the world of the golf advertising executive, distance is king. I would guess that the fastest way to lose your job in that particular role would be to push the “slightly shorter than last year’s model” tagline. While distance is certainly overrated as an absolute, knowing how far you hit your clubs is crucial … Read more

Pro Golfers Swing Speed: How Fast?

pro golfers swing speed

I was watching a video recently that showed Bryson Dechambeau cutting a huge corner off a par five by hitting directly over water. He basically turned a par 5 into a drive and a pitch. His bulking up and distance increase has been widely documented but it got me thinking about pro golfers swing speed. … Read more

A Distance Chart for Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf is a game that is driven by advertising in many ways. We buy the latest driver because Taylormade or Callaway tell us their new technology will give us another 10 yards. Those new irons have a 17% larger sweet spot. These new zip grooves increase spin by 500 revs. This might (or might not) … Read more