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Minimalist Golf

Everything about minimalist golf and making life simpler on and off the course

Minimalist Golf and Score

One of the biggest questions that I see when talking about minimalist golf is just how it affects score. I was reading one of the golf forums the other day and someone said something like “I am completely on board with fewer clubs, but I just can’t do it because it will cost me shots.”… Read More »Minimalist Golf and Score

3 Clubs and a Putter

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3 club golf

One of the most popular ways to end the season at my club is with a 3 clubs and a putter tournament. It is often the only time that most golfers even think about going out with less than 14 clubs. As a minimalist golfer most of the time, it isn’t really a big surprise… Read More »3 Clubs and a Putter

Building a Back Up Golf Bag

back up golf bag

My current golf club collection is a far cry from what it was a few years ago. I think, at one point, I had 8 iron sets alone in rotation! This wasn’t clubs that were just gathering dust in a corner either. I was basically alternating sets from one round to the next. Given that… Read More »Building a Back Up Golf Bag

How to Golf for Cheap

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Nobody is going to say that golf is a cheap sport. In fact, at least in the eyes of the non-golfer, it is probably seen as being one of the most expensive sports you can play. If you say you play golf, people will generally assume you don’t have to count the cost of life.… Read More »How to Golf for Cheap

Minimalist Golf Shoes

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You can play golf in all sorts of shoes Using a minimalist shoe helps you ‘feel’ the ground Be careful of grip without spikes Let me start me saying that shoes really aren’t my thing. I am never going to enjoy spending time shopping for them, it just isn’t in my DNA. That said, I… Read More »Minimalist Golf Shoes