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Playing From The Forward Tees

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There have been a couple of things that have popped up on the various golf site/channels that I follow and they struck a bell with me because they essentially come back to one of my favourite golfing ‘games’. I say game, but this can be anything from a fun change of pace to a really… Read More »Playing From The Forward Tees

Minimalist Golf and Score

One of the biggest questions that I see when talking about minimalist golf is just how it affects score. I was reading one of the golf forums the other day and someone said something like “I am completely on board with fewer clubs, but I just can’t do it because it will cost me shots.”… Read More »Minimalist Golf and Score

Fitting the Taller Golfer

fitting tall golfers

As someone who is both far too tall and also gets through sets of irons at a prodigious rate, I find myself in quite an unusual position. I often come across sets on the various secondhand market places out there, but these are quite a long way from what most people would consider my ideal… Read More »Fitting the Taller Golfer

Is 7 Wood the New Hybrid?

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seven wood

Hybrids were (and still are) a game changer for many golfers. Before this, your options for the longer end of the bag were severally limited. You might find a few five woods kicking around to bridge the gap between 3 wood and 3 iron, but that was about it. and everyone carried a 3 iron!… Read More »Is 7 Wood the New Hybrid?

Should We all Play a 2 Iron?

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2 iron

What we find in the average golf bag has changed hugely over the last few decades. A modern 460cc driver make of carbon looks nothing like a persimmon from the 1980s or even a metal-headed driver from twenty years ago. Comparing modern “spaceship” putter designs to the classic Golden Goose is also a huge contrast.… Read More »Should We all Play a 2 Iron?

Playing Golf with Classic Clubs

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I have three main areas of interest when it comes to golf: single length irons, minimalist golf and equipment, especially irons. What I enjoy more than anything in terms of irons is finding and playing a classic set, especially blades. This is obviously a very personal thing, but finding a complete set of something like… Read More »Playing Golf with Classic Clubs

3 Keys for Lower Scores

Better golf checklist

As a disclaimer, I am not a golf coach. I am someone who thinks about the game quite a bit and like every other golfer on the planet, I do want to improve. However, I am not looking for a complete overhaul of my swing and don’t want to get into anything too technical. What… Read More »3 Keys for Lower Scores