Time for Another Look at Stack and Tilt?

stack and tilt

It seems that I currently have an attraction to controversial topics. Minimalist golf, blades and single length irons are all particular favourites. If there is one thing that is destined to set the golfing internet on fire, it is swing theory. Generally, I don’t worry about this too much, but a recent video from the … Read more

How to Dry Out Golf Grips

golf in the rain

Depending on where you are in the world, you might be in the same boat as me. The weather is still hot but the rain is showing its face. In another month or two, humid conditions are going to be the norm. While I certainly don’t mind this, it does present a practical problem or … Read more

What Are the Odds of a Hole in One?

hole in one

It is every golfers dream. Standing on the tee and seeing that tee shot land and start to roll towards the cup. Maybe throwing the club into the air or jumping into your caddie’s/playing partner’s arms as the ball drops. As someone who has played a lot of golf over the years, it feels like … Read more