Bentgrass vs Bermuda

bentgrass vs bermuda

Whilst many of us don’t think too much about the finer details of green-keeping, it is actually a complex subject. The quality of course that we play and the enjoyment we get out of playing them is closely linked to their upkeep. In fact, some of the most important aspects of golf course quality are … Read more

Attack wedges: the Jack of All Trades?

attack wedges

You might think that attack wedges are a new addition to the golfing world. Some exciting new tech to improve your short game. This is both completely wrong and actually more true than you might realise! Confused? It really isn’t that complicated despite what I just wrote. Let’s dig into the world of this short … Read more

When to Choke Up on a Club

choke up golf grip

There are plenty of ways to play golf. You can be a ‘paint by numbers golfer’ for example. 160 yards is always a seven iron, or whatever. You can also be the type of golfer who grew up watching Seve conjure shots out of nowhere. Playing to a distance means nothing to you and you … Read more

The Art of Green-Keeping


As golfers, we tend to have quite a consumer mentality. For example, I recently played a round with a friend and we were discussing a course where we were both members before. A particular bone of contention was the greens and it was the reason why he actually left the club. They really weren’t great … Read more

Stop Topping Hybrids

golf hybrid

You pick that lovely forgiving hybrid out of the bag, set up behind the ball with visions of seeing it fly high and handsome to the green, try to block out that new swing thought you picked up from a guy on YouTube, take the club back and through…..and see the ball scuttle 80 yards … Read more