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Choosing The Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder

Leupold makes high quality equipment
Leupold makes high quality equipment

Have you ever wanted to play a round of golf with a professional caddy? With the Leupold laser rangefinders, now you can! Leupold has taken golf rangefinders to a whole new level with their series of laser golf rangefinders.

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Our Leupold golf rangefinder reviews will help you select the perfect model to fit your playing needs and improve your game by taking some of the guesswork out of club selection.


Which Leupold Rangefinder Is Best?

Leupold GX4i Rangefinder

The GX4i is the top of the line Leupold rangefinder. Equipped with an aluminum body, the GX4i will be able to stand up to some abuse as it bounces around in your golf bag. This is no delicate piece of machinery that must be handled with kid’s gloves, but at the same time, it comes with some of the most advanced features of any laser rangefinder on the market.


The Leupold lenses are multicoated to give the instruments the clearest data and protect the lenses from damage. Combine these precision lenses developed with this special coating and Leupold’s vivid OLED display and there will be no doubt that you will receive a crystal-clear read-out every time.


This display is far clearer than the regular LCD displays found on most rangefinders. The Leupold displays the reading in a bright red color and flashes anytime the measurement changes so that you can be confident that you have measured the distance to the right target.


The GX4i’s proprietary laser beam technology and software ensures the most accurate of measurements. Leupold has developed a PinHunter and Prism Lock (which can specifically identify flags from a long distance) feature that will precisely identify the flagstick from all other objects that may be in the display. The Leupold will then put the flagstick in crosshairs within the display and beep, just to remove any doubt that it has zeroed in on the pin.


In addition to this, the GX4i will also freeze the image in place once it has acquired its target so that you can take a few seconds to review all the information being displayed. This is particularly useful for those wanting to take some time to make sure you get your measurements just right.


It comes with a standard 6x magnification (so images will appear six times larger than with the naked eye) and operates accurately within a range of up to 800 yards. The PinHunter feature will work accurately within 450 yards, which is more than enough for any standard golfer who need to find out just how far away he or she is from the hole.


Another feature you’ll only find with the Leupold rangefinders is their “Smart Key Faceplate.” Snap on the bright yellow faceplate and the Leupold GX4i becomes an instant caddy. Using advanced algorithms, the Leupold will calculate for different weather conditions, slope variations, and distances to recommend the perfect club for the shot. These recommendations are based on your own personal distance abilities, so you can customize the Leupold to fit your playing style.

The faceplate technology is easy to use
The faceplate technology is easy to use

By removing the Smart Key Faceplate, you will automatically disable all these features that make the laser rangefinder illegal during tournament play. So, all you have to do is remove the Smart Key Faceplate and both officials and other players will know that your Leupold GX4i is compliant with all tournament rules. No need to worry about being hassled during tournament play!


By pressing and holding a single button, the GX4i will allow you to scan a view and receive a spectrum of readouts so that you can determine a general lay of the land.


The Leupold comes with a premium carrying case, is weatherproof, and is backed up by Leupold’s 2-year warranty. The battery life on the GX4i has shown to last up to one year depending on the use so there is no need to worry about carrying a bunch of extra batteries with you in your golf bag.

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Leupold GX3i Rangefinder


The GX3i is marketed by Leupold as its entry level laser rangefinder. A marked improvement over the GX2i rangefinder, the GX3i is perfect for those golfers who want all the features you would come to expect of a Leupold, but without some of the extended features of the GX4i.


The GX3i operates at a maximum range of 800 yards. It is equipped with Leupold’s PinHunter laser geometry and Prism Lock technology and software. The PinHunter feature will zero in specifically on flagsticks up to 400 yards away. When the GX3i finds the pin, it will beep and freeze the image in the display so that you can easily read the distance and be confident that it has indeed found the flag. Leupold has taken the guess work out of finding that small pin hundreds of yards away!


With its special OLED display, the GX3i will provide bright red readings with crystal-clear images so that you can be confident that you can read the lay of the land accurately. The GX3i comes with a fog mode that will adjust its readout to be more easily seen when other models might let you down.


The GX3i can be adjusted to seven different zoom settings so that you can pick the perfect magnification for any situation. This makes the GX3i extremely versatile.


Because the GX3i does not account for slope and weather conditions it is automatically legal for tournament play. So, there is no need to worry whether this model can be used when facing your toughest challenges.


With a built-in battery life display, the GX3i will let you know when it is time to change the battery. But given that the battery life can run upwards of one year, this won’t be that often.


Like the GX4i model, this model also comes with a premium carrying case and Leupold’s 2-year warranty to give you confidence in the life of your rangefinder.

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How Do You Use the Leupold Rangefinder?

Leupold has made these models very easy to use. Both models operate the same way: Push the button, find the distance. It’s that easy. With the Smart Key Faceplate, there are no additional steps to calculate for slope, weather, altitude, or club selection. Leupold could not have made these devices easier to use!

How accurate is the Leupold Rangefinder?

The GX4i is accurate up to 800 yards and the PinHunter and Prism Lock will operate within 450 yards. The GX3i also ranges up to 800 yards, but the PinHunter and Prism Lock only work within 400 yards. Both are tested to be accurate at less than +/- .5 yards, which beats many other models on the market.

Where Can I Buy a Leupold Rangefinder?

Probably the easiest place to purchase your Leupold Rangefinder is through Amazon offers expedient shipping on some models and has a generous return policy should anything go wrong with your rangefinder early on or during shipping.

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