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How to play better golf

What is an Average Golf Score?

How long is a piece of string? Trying to find a simple answer to the question “what is an average golf score?” fits firmly in the piece of string category. What do we mean? My average score? Tiger’s average? The average of all the golfers who play the game? Should we count just official competition… Read More »What is an Average Golf Score?

Do Divots Matter?

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If you watch PGA golfers, especially in slow motion, there is something deeply satisfying about seeing that ball first contact followed by a beaver pelt divot being cut away after the ball. It just seems like the mark of a good golfer. Ball first, divot after. As a golfer who doesn’t take huge divots, I… Read More »Do Divots Matter?

Putting From Off the Green

After recently writing about the bump and run and how it is an underused shot for most golfers, I realised that most of us should probably take this a step further. If a shot that gets the ball running sooner with less loft and a more consistent swing is good, surely more of the same… Read More »Putting From Off the Green

Hitting the Bump and Run

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the bump and run

The short game is one area of golf that has almost endless possibilities. In fact, if you put ten different golfers in the same place round the green, you might well get ten different shots. Even professional golfers will see the same shot in different ways. One might play a flop shot whereas another will… Read More »Hitting the Bump and Run