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How to play better golf

pga putts per round

PGA Putts per Round

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After writing about the importance of greens in regulation, it seems like a logical step to talk about some putting stats. People tend to get very interested in the PGA putts per round and there is something we can all learn from these stats. It is actually worth digging into them a little bit further… Read More »PGA Putts per Round

green in regulation

What are Greens in Regulation?

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There are a lot of stats in golf, from driving distance to number of putts. I am planning to write a series of articles looking at these stats and the importance they might (or might not) have for the average golfer. One of the most used reference points on the course is greens in regulation.… Read More »What are Greens in Regulation?


How to Become a Scratch Golfer

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How to become a scratch golfer? Easy, just don’t get any bogeys! Seriously though, I have been giving a bit of thought to this recently and I think that there are a few key tips that are useful, regardless of if we are knocking on the door of scratch or still trying to break 100.… Read More »How to Become a Scratch Golfer

5 Short Game Drills

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The fastest way to improve quickly on the course is through intelligent practice. This is true for all parts of the game from tee to green. If you are looking for a few ideas to get better as you get closer to the flag stick, here are 5 short game drills you can try. 1)… Read More »5 Short Game Drills

Downhill Lies in Golf

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Out of all the different places you can find your ball on the course, I find downhill lies in golf to be amongst the most annoying. Playing with my feet above or below the ball can be tricky and I have hit my fair share of horror shots from this sort of position. However, I… Read More »Downhill Lies in Golf

Hitting out of the Rough

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Hitting out of the rough isn’t the same as finding yourself in a fairway bunker but it isn’t quite the same as that perfect lie in the middle of the fairway either. This can affect everything from club choice to the type of shot you should try to hit. Here are a few things to… Read More »Hitting out of the Rough