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play better golf

How to play better golf

How to Get Better in Golf

Analyse your game Avoid mindless practice Cut out the disaster holes “I am happy with my level and I really don’t need to improve” is something you will hear from no golfer ever. Whether you are trying to get under a hundred, looking for your first bogey round, heading for single figures or trying to… Read More »How to Get Better in Golf

Golf How to Break 100

Breaking 100 for the first time seems like a long time ago. I have been through breaking 90, then breaking 80 and one day it would be nice to finally break 70 (but I am not holding my breath!) This being said, it can be easy to forget the struggles of getting a score with… Read More »Golf How to Break 100

Golfing Tips and Tricks

Golf can be a brute of a game. You can play for years, think you are really starting to master the game and one day it all falls apart and you are writing 12 somewhere on the card! there are no two ways about it, getting better is a never-ending process and you never really… Read More »Golfing Tips and Tricks

7 Simple Ways to Score Better on the Golf Course

We are all looking to score better on the golf course. Whether you are trying to break 100 or actually looking to score under par, cutting shots is probably at the top of your list of priorities. Of course, everyone has advice, from the club pro down to that guy you bumped into last week who has never actually played!
The thing is, all this well-meaning advice can lead to more confusion than anything else. In fact, it might even make you score worse! don’t panic, we are here to help:) Here are seven things that you can do right now to help you to a new lower score.

seven quick tricks to lower scores

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The Ultimate Guide to Breaking 80

ultimate guide to breaking 80

It is a well-known fact that the vast majority of internet golfers regularly shoot under par from the tips, need xx-stiff shafts in all their clubs (including the putter!) and are just keeping their game sharp until they get a shot on tour. However, in the real world, this isn’t the case. An oft-cited statistic says that most people who golf won’t break 100, never mind breaking 80. This is probably true if we include those who pick up their clubs once a year at most on a golf day at work. For those of us who play regularly or semi-regularly, we can fix our sites a little higher.

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7 Ways to Make Golf More Fun

Bunkers Can be Fun Too!Golf should be fun. not many of us are earning anything for our time on the course. in fact, I bet that it uses up a fair amount of your disposable income, so surely we should at least be enjoying our time our there on the fairways/rough, shouldn’t we?

Here are seven tips that will bring a little bit f pleasure back into the great game. If you are finding yourself trudging around the back nine, why not give them a try?

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