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Everything about golf equipment from clubs to bags and balls

Should We all be Using a Chipper?

golf chipper

Golf is full of controversies. The whole blades vs cavity backs debate, for example. Or what about belly putters? Single length irons, anyone? People tend to have strong opinions on things. Unfortunately, a lot of these opinions aren’t really based on much, certainly not on any actual facts! I have lots of golf opinions. One… Read More »Should We all be Using a Chipper?

How Important is Loft and Lie?

how important is loft and lie

Even the absolute golfing beginner will notice very quickly that not all golf clubs are the same. Put a wedge next to 3 iron and the difference is obvious, even if they happen to come from something like a single length iron set. The clubhead looks different for starters. It will be a different size… Read More »How Important is Loft and Lie?

How to Dry Out Golf Grips

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golf in the rain

Depending on where you are in the world, you might be in the same boat as me. The weather is still hot but the rain is showing its face. In another month or two, humid conditions are going to be the norm. While I certainly don’t mind this, it does present a practical problem or… Read More »How to Dry Out Golf Grips

Building a Back Up Golf Bag

back up golf bag

My current golf club collection is a far cry from what it was a few years ago. I think, at one point, I had 8 iron sets alone in rotation! This wasn’t clubs that were just gathering dust in a corner either. I was basically alternating sets from one round to the next. Given that… Read More »Building a Back Up Golf Bag

Hollow Head Irons: Worth a Look?

Despite what the advertising says, there really aren’t that many things in golf that are truly new. Single length irons? Bobby Jones reputedly had a set in his bag to win the grand slam a century ago. Of course, there have been some technical breakthroughs. You won’t find a golfer at the highest level using… Read More »Hollow Head Irons: Worth a Look?