What is the Hardest Hole in Golf?

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Golf can be an incredibly unforgiving game. Sometimes, it just doesn’t go your way. A hole that looks like a straightforward par three on the tee can turn into a triple bogey nightmare as your tee shot plugs in that green side pot bunker. Sometimes though, you are in trouble from the start. As you … Read more

How to Golf for Cheap


Nobody is going to say that golf is a cheap sport. In fact, at least in the eyes of the non-golfer, it is probably seen as being one of the most expensive sports you can play. If you say you play golf, people will generally assume you don’t have to count the cost of life. … Read more

Famous Golf Sayings

golf sayings

There are lots of things that we say to each other as golfers out on the course. If you aren’t a regular golfer, a lot of these might not mean too much to you.However, you might also be surprised to see that a few of these golf sayings have made their way into everyday speech. … Read more

Games to Play on a Golf Course


A lot of people see golf as a fairly one dimensional sport. Hit the ball in the hole, the fewest shots wins. This is a shame, because there are so many games to play on a golf course. It isn’t all about beating par. It doesn’t even have to be about counting the number of … Read more