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Anything and everything interesting about the great game of golf

How to Golf for Cheap

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Nobody is going to say that golf is a cheap sport. In fact, at least in the eyes of the non-golfer, it is probably seen as being one of the most expensive sports you can play. If you say you play golf, people will generally assume you don’t have to count the cost of life.… Read More »How to Golf for Cheap

How to Regroove Wedges

“I wish my wedges would spin a bit less” said no golfer ever! The shot from the golfer on TV that hits the green, jumps forward a couple of feet then sucks back five yards or more also elicits a round of applause and admiring gasps from the crowd and thoughts of ‘I wish I….’… Read More »How to Regroove Wedges

Famous Golf Sayings

There are lots of things that we say to each other as golfers out on the course. If you aren’t a regular golfer, a lot of these might not mean too much to you.However, you might also be surprised to see that a few of these golf sayings have made their way into everyday speech.… Read More »Famous Golf Sayings

What is Forgiveness in Golf?

If distance is the key to selling drivers, forgiveness is probably top of the list for irons. After all, most golfers (apart from me!) prefer to keep the butter knives in the kitchen and have something in the bag that actually helps them. This is where it gets tricky though. What is forgiveness in golf?… Read More »What is Forgiveness in Golf?

Driver Length vs Height

Golf fitting is a complex area but there is generally a correlation between build and club specs. A shorter golfer will more often than not use shorter clubs and a taller golfer, longer. This seems like a self-evident truth. However, when we get to driver, the relationship isn’t quite the same. So how does driver… Read More »Driver Length vs Height