Games to Play on a Golf Course


A lot of people see golf as a fairly one dimensional sport. Hit the ball in the hole, the fewest shots wins. This is a shame, because there are so many games to play on a golf course. It isn’t all about beating par. It doesn’t even have to be about counting the number of … Read more

What is a Mulligan?

golf mulligan

If you have ever watched your first shot of the day disappear over the out-of-bounds fence, you have probably wished that you could turn back time and start all over again. Well, in golf, you can do just that, at least sometimes! anyone who has been playing for any length of time will probably know … Read more

What is a Modern Golf Swing?

modern golf swing

If there is one sport that doesn’t seem to fit in with “modern”, it is golf. Visions of Scotsmen in plus fours and collars playing with hickory clubs well before the advent of anything as recent as the Open championship sit pleasantly in the mind’s eye. Surely golf is golf and its essence hasn’t changed … Read more

Buying Luxury Golf Clubs

luxury golf clubs

I was (yet again!) trying to guesstimate just how many iron sets I have been through over the last decade or so ans once again, the count gets a bit hazy after 30 or so! This got me thinking about the total value of these clubs. I then thought about what if I had just … Read more