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Minimalist Golf

Everything about minimalist golf and making life simpler on and off the course

How Many Golf Clubs in a Bag

How Many Golf Clubs in a Bag?

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This could, potentially, be the shortest article I have ever written. If 42 is the answer to Life the Universe and Everything, then surely 14 is the answer to the question “How many golf clubs in a bag?” I mean, it is written in the rules of golf and everything! Actually, this article might not… Read More »How Many Golf Clubs in a Bag?

small golf bag

The Joys of a Small Golf Bag

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As is the case for many people, the golf bag tends to become, over time, the equivalent of the back of the sofa. If you dig around a little bit, you never know what you will find. This might be anything from that commemorative pitch mark repairer you won to a half-eaten cereal bar that… Read More »The Joys of a Small Golf Bag

Half Sets of Golf Clubs

There is an inevitable link between half sets of golf clubs and beginners. I would guess that every seasoned golfer out there at one point had either a boxed half set or something cobbled together from hand-me-downs or pro shop left overs. Mismatched irons, wooden woods and rusty putters were the norm in most junior… Read More »Half Sets of Golf Clubs

minimalist golfer

What is a Minimalist Golfer?

What exactly is a minimalist golfer? This question has been going through my mind quite a bit since I wrote about what I consider to be the best minimalist golf bag set up a couple of weeks ago. I mean, I do consider myself to be a minimalist golfer but I am not actually sure… Read More »What is a Minimalist Golfer?

one club golf

Minimalist Golf:Less is the New More?

Seeing the words ‘minimalist golf’ in any of my golf posts might have you spraying your morning coffee all over the keyboard. After all, I am notoriously unfaithful to my clubs. As I sit here typing, I have a lovely set of Mizuno irons in a bag next to me. In another corner, I can see my single length set. A shiny set of Wilson blades is hidden behind a component build with graphite shafts.

Two drivers are jostling for position in the gaming bag and two other driver heads are waiting for the right shaft. This really isn’t the set up of someone who is a minimalist!

And yet I am curiously fascinated by the idea of a minimalist bag set up. In fact, even with all these clubs, I rarely have the full 14 in the bag. I prefer to carry most of the time (although age is pushing me more and more towards hand carts!) and a couple of clubs fewer makes for a lighter bag.

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