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Minimalist Golf

Everything about minimalist golf and making life simpler on and off the course

5 Club Minimalist Golf

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It feels like I am writing an article every week on minimalist golf and this isn’t actually far from the truth. It is one my favourite aspects of the game and every time I think I have written everything I want to write, I find something else. So apologies to those who prefer to have… Read More »5 Club Minimalist Golf

How Many Golf Clubs in a Bag?

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How Many Golf Clubs in a Bag

This could, potentially, be the shortest article I have ever written. If 42 is the answer to Life the Universe and Everything, then surely 14 is the answer to the question “How many golf clubs in a bag?” I mean, it is written in the rules of golf and everything! Actually, this article might not… Read More »How Many Golf Clubs in a Bag?

The Joys of a Small Golf Bag

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small golf bag

As is the case for many people, the golf bag tends to become, over time, the equivalent of the back of the sofa. If you dig around a little bit, you never know what you will find. This might be anything from that commemorative pitch mark repairer you won to a half-eaten cereal bar that… Read More »The Joys of a Small Golf Bag

Half Sets of Golf Clubs

There is an inevitable link between half sets of golf clubs and beginners. I would guess that every seasoned golfer out there at one point had either a boxed half set or something cobbled together from hand-me-downs or pro shop left overs. Mismatched irons, wooden woods and rusty putters were the norm in most junior… Read More »Half Sets of Golf Clubs

What is a Minimalist Golfer?

minimalist golfer

What exactly is a minimalist golfer? This question has been going through my mind quite a bit since I wrote about what I consider to be the best minimalist golf bag set up a couple of weeks ago. I mean, I do consider myself to be a minimalist golfer but I am not actually sure… Read More »What is a Minimalist Golfer?