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Information about golf from equipment to the players themselves. Helpful tips and advice on improving your golf game in all sorts of ways and looking at some of the trends in the game today.

PGA Putts per Round

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pga putts per round

After writing about the importance of greens in regulation, it seems like a logical step to talk about some putting stats. People tend to get very interested in the PGA putts per round and there is something we can all learn from these stats. It is actually worth digging into them a little bit further… Read More »PGA Putts per Round

Golf Ball Flight Laws

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golf ball on tee

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what makes the ball do what it does after it has been struck. In fact, some of this comes from the traditional view of the ball flight laws before modern tech like flightscope and trackman really told us what is going on with the club face and path… Read More »Golf Ball Flight Laws

Downhill Lies in Golf

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Out of all the different places you can find your ball on the course, I find downhill lies in golf to be amongst the most annoying. Playing with my feet above or below the ball can be tricky and I have hit my fair share of horror shots from this sort of position. However, I… Read More »Downhill Lies in Golf

Bentgrass vs Bermuda

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Whilst many of us don’t think too much about the finer details of green-keeping, it is actually a complex subject. The quality of course that we play and the enjoyment we get out of playing them is closely linked to their upkeep. In fact, some of the most important aspects of golf course quality are… Read More »Bentgrass vs Bermuda

The Art of Green-Keeping

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As golfers, we tend to have quite a consumer mentality. For example, I recently played a round with a friend and we were discussing a course where we were both members before. A particular bone of contention was the greens and it was the reason why he actually left the club. They really weren’t great… Read More »The Art of Green-Keeping

What is a Lag Putt?

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There are many important shots in golf and putting in all its various forms is certainly up there with the best of them. Whilst something like a short putt or a tap in doesn’t really need any explanation, other types of putt aren’t perhaps that clear. So what is a lag putt for example and… Read More »What is a Lag Putt?