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Information about golf from equipment to the players themselves. Helpful tips and advice on improving your golf game in all sorts of ways and looking at some of the trends in the game today.

how important is loft and lie

How Important is Loft and Lie?

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Even the absolute golfing beginner will notice very quickly that not all golf clubs are the same. Put a wedge next to 3 iron and the difference is obvious, even if they happen to come from something like a single length iron set. The clubhead looks different for starters. It will be a different size… Read More »How Important is Loft and Lie?

Do Divots Matter?

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If you watch PGA golfers, especially in slow motion, there is something deeply satisfying about seeing that ball first contact followed by a beaver pelt divot being cut away after the ball. It just seems like the mark of a good golfer. Ball first, divot after. As a golfer who doesn’t take huge divots, I… Read More »Do Divots Matter?

putter head shape

Which Putter Head Shape?

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Until the last couple of decades, putter head shape was a non-issue. All putters were the same, essentially a blade with a couple of degrees of loft. Then the ping anser style putter came in and that was the new norm. Nowadays, the range of possible styles from blade to spaceship on a stick is… Read More »Which Putter Head Shape?

Is my Iron Flex Too Soft?

I played an evening round with a few friends last night and as always it was an enjoyable few hours. We played in one of the most enjoyable formats that I know, a scramble matchplay. It lets you try shots that you wouldn’t perhaps take on in a competitive round. It also gave us the… Read More »Is my Iron Flex Too Soft?