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Information about golf from equipment to the players themselves. Helpful tips and advice on improving your golf game in all sorts of ways and looking at some of the trends in the game today.

Understanding Golf Slope for Rangefinders

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Golf slope is perhaps the least-understood element in distance. Getting it right will make a real an immediate difference to both your scores and enjoyment on the course. Here is what it is and how it is really calculated.


golf slope rangefinders

This is why you need slope

Any golfer who has played an even slightly hilly course knows that changes in elevation can greatly affect their game. You could have the perfect iron set, it just won’t matter.These changes, if not properly taken into account, can be detrimental to your final score and nowadays there is no reason why this should still be the case. This is why understanding golf slope is key.

This is actually obvious to anyone from hacker to pro. We have all stood on an elevated tee and tried to guess just how many clubs difference it really makes. Of course, we usually get it completely wrong, hence the need for something that really tells us the difference that slope is going to make to the shot.

Golf equipment manufacturers know all about slope and have included features that are aimed at helping golfers compensate for these changes. If you are in the market for the best golf rangefinder with slope, it is important to understand just what it is and how the right golf rangefinder with slope can help take strokes off your game.

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Using a Golf GPS Watch-How Can it Help Your Game?

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You should be good for the distance on this shot!

You should be good for the distance on this shot!

Golf gps units have been one of the major changes in the way the average golfer approaches his game. Whilst some will tell you about the good old days of judging everything by eye, the rest of us are enjoying the game much more. I mean, how much fun was it really seeing your ‘perfect’ shot fall into the water/sand because the flag was ten yards further than you thought?

There are plenty of options now for distance measurement, but a golf gps watch is certainly one of the easiest.

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