What is a Lag Putt?

what is a lag putt

There are many important shots in golf and putting in all its various forms is certainly up there with the best of them. Whilst something like a short putt or a tap in doesn’t really need any explanation, other types of putt aren’t perhaps that clear. So what is a lag putt for example and … Read more

Should We all be Using a Chipper?

golf chipper

Golf is full of controversies. The whole blades vs cavity backs debate, for example. Or what about belly putters? Single length irons, anyone? People tend to have strong opinions on things. Unfortunately, a lot of these opinions aren’t really based on much, certainly not on any actual facts! I have lots of golf opinions. One … Read more

How to Hit Out of a Fairway Bunker

fairway bunker

The bunker might well be the scariest place on the course for many mid and high handicap golfers. Playing that floaty splash shot you see on TV becomes a desperate attempt to scoop the ball onto the green and increasing levels of frustration as it stays in the trap before finally being thinned across the … Read more

how to Understand Scoring in Golf

golf score

As a golfer, notions like par, handicap or gross and net scores are things we use every time we play. From the new golfer or non-golfer’s perspective, these terms can be quite strange. I tried to explain to a non-golfing friend the other day how to understand scoring in golf and I realised that stuff … Read more

How Important is Loft and Lie?

how important is loft and lie

Even the absolute golfing beginner will notice very quickly that not all golf clubs are the same. Put a wedge next to 3 iron and the difference is obvious, even if they happen to come from something like a single length iron set. The clubhead looks different for starters. It will be a different size … Read more