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pga putts per round

PGA Putts per Round

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After writing about the importance of greens in regulation, it seems like a logical step to talk about some putting stats. People tend to get very interested in the PGA putts per round and there is something we can all learn from these stats. It is actually worth digging into them a little bit further… Read More »PGA Putts per Round

green in regulation

What are Greens in Regulation?

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There are a lot of stats in golf, from driving distance to number of putts. I am planning to write a series of articles looking at these stats and the importance they might (or might not) have for the average golfer. One of the most used reference points on the course is greens in regulation.… Read More »What are Greens in Regulation?

hitting the lob shot

Hitting the Lob Shot

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I have written quite a bit about finding solutions around the green and playing the percentages. This might mean using the bump and run as often as possible or even investing in a chipper. I think these are examples for smart thinking for many golfers if you are looking to keep big numbers off the… Read More »Hitting the Lob Shot

single length long irons

Single Length Long Irons

Back to one of my favourite subjects today with one length irons. I think I have said everything I can about my experiences with them and then I realise that this is actually miles from the truth! I was talking to a friend about clubs between driver and the iron set the other day and… Read More »Single Length Long Irons

one plane golf swing

One-plane Golf Swing

One of my favourite subjects is that of single length irons. I have written about what I perceive to be their advantages and disadvantages as well as things that come from my experience with them. One of the associations people have with single length is the idea of a one-plane golf swing. I understand why… Read More »One-plane Golf Swing

golf ball on tee

Golf Ball Flight Laws

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There is a lot of misunderstanding about what makes the ball do what it does after it has been struck. In fact, some of this comes from the traditional view of the ball flight laws before modern tech like flightscope and trackman really told us what is going on with the club face and path… Read More »Golf Ball Flight Laws


The Golf Vanity Cap

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We recently talked about the golf sandbagger, that notorious scoundrel who deliberately manipulates his handicap upwards in order to get more shots and win competitions with an unfair advantage. But did you know that the exact opposite also exists? There are probably just as many golfers who have a golf vanity cap as those whose… Read More »The Golf Vanity Cap