What to Wear When Golfing

choosing golf clothes and shoes

As most people who know me, especially my family, will agree, I am not a dedicated follower of fashion! Golf is as subject as the rest of the fashion industry to brands, designers and changing looks but I can’t say it has ever bothered me. I have a more practical approach to on-course clothing but … Read more

Beginning Golf for Women

beginning golf for women

Looking back over a lot of things I have written, I realise that a majority is addressed to men. I will generally say ‘he’ or even talk about things which might be of more interest to male golfers (distance, shaft choices etc) There is certainly no deliberate male bias here and I believe that almost … Read more

Games to Play on a Golf Course


A lot of people see golf as a fairly one dimensional sport. Hit the ball in the hole, the fewest shots wins. This is a shame, because there are so many games to play on a golf course. It isn’t all about beating par. It doesn’t even have to be about counting the number of … Read more