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How to play better golf by thinking your way around the course.

Playing From The Forward Tees

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There have been a couple of things that have popped up on the various golf site/channels that I follow and they struck a bell with me because they essentially come back to one of my favourite golfing ‘games’. I say game, but this can be anything from a fun change of pace to a really… Read More »Playing From The Forward Tees

Minimalist Golf and Score

One of the biggest questions that I see when talking about minimalist golf is just how it affects score. I was reading one of the golf forums the other day and someone said something like “I am completely on board with fewer clubs, but I just can’t do it because it will cost me shots.”… Read More »Minimalist Golf and Score

3 Keys for Lower Scores

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As a disclaimer, I am not a golf coach. I am someone who thinks about the game quite a bit and like every other golfer on the planet, I do want to improve. However, I am not looking for a complete overhaul of my swing and don’t want to get into anything too technical. What… Read More »3 Keys for Lower Scores

What are Greens in Regulation?

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green in regulation

There are a lot of stats in golf, from driving distance to number of putts. I am planning to write a series of articles looking at these stats and the importance they might (or might not) have for the average golfer. One of the most used reference points on the course is greens in regulation.… Read More »What are Greens in Regulation?

Golf Ball Flight Laws

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There is a lot of misunderstanding about what makes the ball do what it does after it has been struck. In fact, some of this comes from the traditional view of the ball flight laws before modern tech like flightscope and trackman really told us what is going on with the club face and path… Read More »Golf Ball Flight Laws

How to Become a Scratch Golfer

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How to become a scratch golfer? Easy, just don’t get any bogeys! Seriously though, I have been giving a bit of thought to this recently and I think that there are a few key tips that are useful, regardless of if we are knocking on the door of scratch or still trying to break 100.… Read More »How to Become a Scratch Golfer

Hitting out of the Rough

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Hitting out of the rough isn’t the same as finding yourself in a fairway bunker but it isn’t quite the same as that perfect lie in the middle of the fairway either. This can affect everything from club choice to the type of shot you should try to hit. Here are a few things to… Read More »Hitting out of the Rough