When to Choke Up on a Club

choke up golf grip

There are plenty of ways to play golf. You can be a ‘paint by numbers golfer’ for example. 160 yards is always a seven iron, or whatever. You can also be the type of golfer who grew up watching Seve conjure shots out of nowhere. Playing to a distance means nothing to you and you … Read more

How to Hit Out of a Fairway Bunker

fairway bunker

The bunker might well be the scariest place on the course for many mid and high handicap golfers. Playing that floaty splash shot you see on TV becomes a desperate attempt to scoop the ball onto the green and increasing levels of frustration as it stays in the trap before finally being thinned across the … Read more

How to Dry Out Golf Grips

golf in the rain

Depending on where you are in the world, you might be in the same boat as me. The weather is still hot but the rain is showing its face. In another month or two, humid conditions are going to be the norm. While I certainly don’t mind this, it does present a practical problem or … Read more

Hitting the Bump and Run

golf bump and run

The short game is one area of golf that has almost endless possibilities. In fact, if you put ten different golfers in the same place round the green, you might well get ten different shots. Even professional golfers will see the same shot in different ways. One might play a flop shot whereas another will … Read more

Getting Out of a Bunker

golf sandtrap

My short game is, in many ways, a microcosm of the rest of my game. Occasionally inspired, sometimes awful. In truth, I can’t really complain about this because I don’t spend a great deal of time practising around the green at the moment. Actually, that is quite true: I don’t spend any time practising! Hitting … Read more