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How to play better golf by thinking your way around the course.

Teeing off with Irons

For many golfers, the tee box on a par four or five means one thing and one thing only, time to let the big dog out of the bag! There is no ‘choosing the right club’ it is driver and nothing else! As someone who has had an up and down relationship with my driver… Read More »Teeing off with Irons

How to Get Better in Golf

Analyse your game Avoid mindless practice Cut out the disaster holes “I am happy with my level and I really don’t need to improve” is something you will hear from no golfer ever. Whether you are trying to get under a hundred, looking for your first bogey round, heading for single figures or trying to… Read More »How to Get Better in Golf

Golf How to Break 100

Breaking 100 for the first time seems like a long time ago. I have been through breaking 90, then breaking 80 and one day it would be nice to finally break 70 (but I am not holding my breath!) This being said, it can be easy to forget the struggles of getting a score with… Read More »Golf How to Break 100

Golf Club Distance Calculator

In the world of the golf advertising executive, distance is king. I would guess that the fastest way to lose your job in that particular role would be to push the “slightly shorter than last year’s model” tagline. While distance is certainly overrated as an absolute, knowing how far you hit your clubs is crucial… Read More »Golf Club Distance Calculator