Time for Another Look at Stack and Tilt?

stack and tilt

It seems that I currently have an attraction to controversial topics. Minimalist golf, blades and single length irons are all particular favourites. If there is one thing that is destined to set the golfing internet on fire, it is swing theory. Generally, I don’t worry about this too much, but a recent video from the … Read more

Hollow Head Irons: Worth a Look?

hollow head irons

Despite what the advertising says, there really aren’t that many things in golf that are truly new. Single length irons? Bobby Jones reputedly had a set in his bag to win the grand slam a century ago. Of course, there have been some technical breakthroughs. You won’t find a golfer at the highest level using … Read more

What to Wear When Golfing

choosing golf clothes and shoes

As most people who know me, especially my family, will agree, I am not a dedicated follower of fashion! Golf is as subject as the rest of the fashion industry to brands, designers and changing looks but I can’t say it has ever bothered me. I have a more practical approach to on-course clothing but … Read more