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Reviews of equipment to help make golf easier and more fun

Is 7 Wood the New Hybrid?

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seven wood

Hybrids were (and still are) a game changer for many golfers. Before this, your options for the longer end of the bag were severally limited. You might find a few five woods kicking around to bridge the gap between 3 wood and 3 iron, but that was about it. and everyone carried a 3 iron!… Read More »Is 7 Wood the New Hybrid?

Hollow Head Irons: Worth a Look?

Despite what the advertising says, there really aren’t that many things in golf that are truly new. Single length irons? Bobby Jones reputedly had a set in his bag to win the grand slam a century ago. Of course, there have been some technical breakthroughs. You won’t find a golfer at the highest level using… Read More »Hollow Head Irons: Worth a Look?

Which Putter Head Shape?

putter head shape

Until the last couple of decades, putter head shape was a non-issue. All putters were the same, essentially a blade with a couple of degrees of loft. Then the ping anser style putter came in and that was the new norm. Nowadays, the range of possible styles from blade to spaceship on a stick is… Read More »Which Putter Head Shape?

What to Wear When Golfing

As most people who know me, especially my family, will agree, I am not a dedicated follower of fashion! Golf is as subject as the rest of the fashion industry to brands, designers and changing looks but I can’t say it has ever bothered me. I have a more practical approach to on-course clothing but… Read More »What to Wear When Golfing

Minimalist Golf Shoes

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You can play golf in all sorts of shoes Using a minimalist shoe helps you ‘feel’ the ground Be careful of grip without spikes Let me start me saying that shoes really aren’t my thing. I am never going to enjoy spending time shopping for them, it just isn’t in my DNA. That said, I… Read More »Minimalist Golf Shoes