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Effective practice is the quickest way to getting better

How to Hit the Golf Ball Far

I’d like to hit my driver ten yards shorter said no golfer ever. If you want to guarantee a flop in the golf industry, tell your average player that your new club will cost him some distance. Although the quest for distance is actually not always as straightforward as the marketing men would have you… Read More »How to Hit the Golf Ball Far

How to Practice Golf at Home

I am a fairly passionate golfer. You might even call me obsessed given that I spend a lot of times reading and writing about golf. I don’t actually spend as much time on the course as you might think though. In the Summer, I certainly golf more but it is not actually that uncommon for… Read More »How to Practice Golf at Home

Golf Swing Tips: the Top Ten

Anyone interested in the game of golf is on a permanent search for golf swing tips. How to hit it more consistently, further, straighter or whatever. Finding that golden nugget among the million and one golf swing tips that are touted as game-changing isn’t easy. How do you know what is going to work and… Read More »Golf Swing Tips: the Top Ten

Finding a Beginners Golf Swing

A swing is a swing, at least in theory, but anyone who has spent any time around golfers can see an immediate difference between a beginner and a better player, just by watching them take a swing. And yet there are some very solid golfers who have swings that look like someone who should be… Read More »Finding a Beginners Golf Swing

Which Ball Position with Irons?

As golfers, we are constantly tinkering with all sorts of things from changing shafts to using a different ball. Generally, this is in an effort to lower scores, hit the ball better or produce a different shot. While I do all these things regularly, I think we could be missing a trick by not concentrating… Read More »Which Ball Position with Irons?

Golfing Tips for Chipping

I should probably start this article by saying that I really am not the best role model around the greens! I am capable of fatting and thinning with the best of them and am usually happy with a very average result! Any golf tips for chipping that I give should probably be taken with a… Read More »Golfing Tips for Chipping

Finding an Easy Golf Swing

As golfers, we can get very obsessed with distance and power. Finding ways to squeeze a yard or three out of our swings can become something of an quest. Distance is good, don’t get me wrong  and all things being equal, finding yourself a few yards further on off the tee leads to better scores… Read More »Finding an Easy Golf Swing