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Effective practice is the quickest way to getting better

How to be a Better Putter

Putting is, unfortunately, a bit of an issue for me. I have moments when I feel like I can hole anything but these are few are far between. Far more common for me is the desire to snap my putter in two and simply pick the ball up when I get on the green, In… Read More »How to be a Better Putter

How to Stop Topping the Ball

A top might just be the most common beginner miss in golf. Seeing the ball scuttling along the ground is a common sight on golf courses everywhere. It does tend to get less common with better golfers. As we improve, we get our fair share of thin shots but the stone-cold top isn’t a regular… Read More »How to Stop Topping the Ball

How to Stop Shanking Wedges

I played in a Texas scramble competition a couple of weeks ago. On the 18th, my partner hit a nice drive down the middle. I had a free shot and smashed a driver as hard as possible. The golf gods were smiling and we found ourselves a long way up this par four with about… Read More »How to Stop Shanking Wedges

Stop Struggling to Hit Hybrid

Get a hybrid, it is almost like cheating! Once the stigma of putting a hybrid in the bag passed, virtually every golfer I played with would look at my collection of long irons and say this. They would use their hybrid or hybrids everywhere from the tee on a tight par four to a longer… Read More »Stop Struggling to Hit Hybrid

How to Hit a Golf Ball

After spending a bit of time looking at how to hit the ball further and how to hit it better everywhere from tee to green, I realized that I have missed out one fundamental step. There is no point majoring in the minors so what about the very first thing that any aspiring golfer needs… Read More »How to Hit a Golf Ball

What is a Modern Golf Swing?

If there is one sport that doesn’t seem to fit in with “modern”, it is golf. Visions of Scotsmen in plus fours and collars playing with hickory clubs well before the advent of anything as recent as the Open championship sit pleasantly in the mind’s eye. Surely golf is golf and its essence hasn’t changed… Read More »What is a Modern Golf Swing?