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The Swingbyte 2-the Perfect Swing Solution?

Swingbyte 2: It’s Like Having a Golf Pro In Your Pocket

I remember as a young man going to the local driving range with my uncle. I can remember thinking to myself that this game is boring, and there’s nothing to it! Fast forward to today as I sit and watch golf pro, Dustin Johnson, battle to win the 2016 US Open by bombing shots off the tee, boring is no longer a word I would use to describe the game of  golf. It is incredible how intricate  the game is. There is so much that you need to consider both physically and mentally to have a successful golf game.

Swingbyte 2 review
Could the Swingbyte 2 be better than hitting balls on the range for hours?

Whether you are new to golf, an avid golfer, or just an occasional putter, according to world-renowned golf pro-Jack Nicklaus, the most important factors for any player are confidence And  consistency, especially in the area of the golf swing.

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 Any player that is serious about improving their game should be willing to practice the mechanics of the golf swing as much as possible. It is important to remember that the desire for success must be stronger than fear of failure. Practice makes perfect!


Why Is A Golf Swing So Important?

A quality golf swing will make the club hit the ball to where you want it to land. The proper swing is an unnatural, profoundly complex movement and hard to learn. The fundamental golf swing is a great deal more material science than quality. The golf swing is clumsy and often puts a significant strain on the body.

One of the most common injuries to arise from improper strokes is called medial epicondylitis, (also known as tendinitis or “Golfer’s elbow”) which can impair not only your golf skills but also any activities which require the use of your arm. For almost every golfer, at some point, the golf swing is the main issue out on the range.


Practice makes perfect – But How?

It  is true that practice makes perfect when trying to improve your golf swing. While taking golf lessons with a professional would be the ideal, taking lessons outside the home can be quite time-consuming, as well as expensive. The average golfer cannot afford to take professional golf lessons long-term. However, it ‘s hard if not impossible to determine if you are practicing the mechanics of your golf swing correctly without having someone available to give you real-time feedback.


Does this sound like you? If it does, don’t worry. If you are looking for an affordable way to get instant feedback on your golf swing, you’ve come to the right place. What you need is a golf swing analyzer! The purpose of this article is in fact to review the best-selling golf swing analyzer: Swingbyte 2. This review will look at some of the unique features, and the data capabilities of this product to determine if it will meet your needs in helping you to improve your golf swing.


Please note that for this review the terms Swingbyte, Swingbyte 2 will refer to the second and most recent version of this product


What is a Golf Swing Analyzer?

Just in case you are not familiar with the concept of a golf swing analyzer I wanted to give you a brief description of what it is and what it does.

A golf swing analyzer like Swingbyte is an electronic device that often attaches to any golf club, right under the club shaft.  The golfer swings his chosen club for a particular shot.  At this point, the analyzer records a video of your swing. The video is then compressed and then downloaded into computer software that analyzes the biomechanics of the player’s golf swing. Each different brand of golf analyzer compiles its set of data. Let’s begin our in-depth look at how to use Swingbyte 2 most efficiently.


How Does  Swingbyte  2 Work?

To set up  Swingbyte, First connect it to the club of your choice. It should be fastened to the club shaft, just below the grip, with the white line  parallel to the edge of your club. It is important to make sure that the latch clicks into place . Unlike the original Swingbyte, which slipped practically after every swing, this time the mechanism only moved on the thin shots. One way to eliminate this issue, is to place a thin rubber band around the device.

Next,  get the  free Swingbyte app from the Apple Store or  Google Play.  Create a new user account and login.  In order to connect Swingbyte app, you must be signed  into this account.  Next, hold down the power button on your Swingbyte 2. The yellow light will flash 5 times and then turn solid. Then an orange light  will flash a few times and then turn off. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. In your Bluetooth settings, select Swingbyte to pair with your phone or tablet. The orange LED light on Swingbyte will not yet turn on– that will light up once you connect in the application.


What Does Swingbyte Measure?

Every time you make a swing, you can see a screen which captures a very accurate 3D rendering of your stroke,  and of where the ball travels to after it is hit. More specifically there are 10 types of data  that you can collect with this version of Swingbyte including:  club head speed, face to address, club path, face to path, and tempo just to name a few. In all honesty, if you are new to the field of swing analyzers, the amount of information that Swingbyte gives its users, is very comprehensive, but at the same time overwhelming. What to do with all that data? For more detailed descriptions of all Swingbyte data points, click here.


Can I use  Swingbyte 2 at Home?

Yes, that is one of the  strongest selling points of Swingbyte . It gives the ability to practice your swing either at home or outside on the range. If are planning on using Swingbyte for both inside and outside  practices. You might want to consider would purchasing the Swingbyte Home Range Bundle.

 With the purchase of the bundle, in addition to the Swingbyte 2, you will also receive a best selling, Callaway Tri-Ball Net, along with some practice balls, and a launch Zone. This complete package will enable  you to practice   your golf swing on the either on the range or from the comfort of your home. How awesome is that?


How accurate is Swingbyte 2?

After reading over 100  customer reviews of the product, I can  honestly say that the data is very accurate, as  compared to a radar gun that is specifically used on a golf range. There is only a 1 to 2 % margin of error, and only a one to two mph difference between each reading.

Be sure to carefully align and secure the Swingbyte facing straight up, just past the grip, and check its position every few shots. This will give you the most consistent and accurate results


What Makes Swingbyte 2 Better Then the Rest?

The folks at at Swingbyte were eager to make  their product easy to use for everyone. Their support team kept receiving feedback, that although the data that Swingbyte presented was comprehensive, it was also overwhelming. the support team received  a tremendous number of users had no idea how to interpret the data, never mind knowing how to use it .

swingbyte data
Too much data can be a bad thing

But then the the folk at Swingbyte introduced their newest feature that was added to as enlisted help from artificial intelligence (AI) to assist users with training and improving their golf swing. This feature is known as the Virtual Coach.


It will pick 1 to 3 of your main faults, give you tips and exercises to fix the issues, and track your progress almost like a real coach would.  It’s like having  a golf professional in your pocket

The Final Verdict

Swingbyte is the most complete swing analyzer I’ve tested and has positively impacted my own game. The new hardware is solid and stable, and the mobile applications provide a rich set of data and 3D animations that will help you  understand your swing and improve faster.

The addition of the Virtual Coach puts this swing analyzer in a class by itself. Avid golfers , beginners just starting out, and instructors should all consider having the Swingbyte 2 at every practice session. The bottom line is, I feel that Swingbyte is a must for any golfer who is looking for an affordable and stress free way to  practice their golf swing and therefore improve their game!

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