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Perfect Your Swing with the SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyzer

The SkyPro is easy to attach to the club shaft
The SkyPro is easy to attach to the club shaft

Perfecting one’s golf swing is one of the most difficult skills in all of sports. Golfers spend hours upon hours practicing their swings and trying to develop the habits of pros. But without a pro standing beside you and analyzing your every swing, how can you ever be sure that you are actually improving your swing?

Few golfers can afford to pay for a golf pro for training on a regular basis. That’s where the SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyzer comes in. With this amazing little device, it’s like having your very own golf pro analyzing your every swing and helping you improve your game.

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With our SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyzer review, we can help you decide if this is the right device to help you improve your game.

What is the SkyPro Swing Analyzer?


The SkyPro Swing Analyzer is a small, lightweight device that attaches directly to the shaft of your club with an easy tightening knob. Once attached to your club, the SkyPro will sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth. At less than one ounce, you won’t even feel the difference on your club.

Sensors within the SkyPro automatically communicate to your smartphone how it is positioned on the club by simply rotating the club a few times. The whole setup is easy and simple for anyone to do.

Once attached to your club, the analyzer will track the movement of your every swing and communicate all its data directly to your smartphone and a free SkyPro App without you having to do anything other than swinging.

The SkyPro captures around 3,000 points of data per second while you swing in order for the free app to transform this data into High Definition and 3D images and recreations, allowing you to see every part of your swing imaginable.

Your app will store all your swings so that you can replay and analyze them at any point in the future and from almost any angle.

How Does the SkyPro Swing Analyze My Swing?

There are several ways the SkyPro can help you improve your swing. After you’ve made several swings with SkyPro analyzer on your club, all you have to do is use the various features of the free app to learn how to improve your swing.

First, you can tag your swings in your phone’s memory and label them good or bad. The app will store thousands of swings at a time. No need to try and remember what you did right when things go well, the SkyPro automatically records this and syncs it with your smartphone.

Second, you can select both good swings and bad swings from the app and set them on top of one another so that you can see the difference and compare when you are doing things right, and when things have gone wrong. This gives you an idea of what your proper golf swing looks and feels like.

The app also includes “Groove Sessions.” Groove sessions allow you to break down your swing into small components for analysis. With this setting, you are able to set goals for how you want your swing to look. Then, whenever you swing, your app will give you a message as to how well your swing has met your goal. This is like have your very own pro watching each and every swing and telling you how to improve.

After your “Groove Session,” you can then analyze your swing in full 3D rotation from every angle. You can even zoom in and out for every angle possible.

The app can also be set to “Plane Mode” which allows you to analyze the stability of your swing. 3D planes will be overlaid on top of your swing to show you how your swing deviates from ideal swing conditions.

Want to brag to your friends with how well you’ve improved? The SkyPro app can easily connect to Twitter and Facebook to share your successes with your friends!

If for some reason you are not able to sync your SkyPro analyzer to your smartphone, the SkyPro will store your last 32 swings on its onboard memory for future analysis.

What Other Features Are Included with the SkyPro?

The SkyPro comes with a special case that will protect it while not in use. Conveniently, the case also acts as a charger for the analyzer’s battery. The battery itself will last roughly 8 hours of continuous use.

The unit comes with an automatic sleep mode so that you do not have to worry about accidently leaving it on and draining the battery when not in use.

The SkyPro analyzer is waterproof so you do not have to worry about damaging the unit should you get caught in rough weather.

When first introduced, the SkyPro Analyzer was only compatible with a limited number of iPhone devices. Today, however, SkyCaddie is compatible with both iOS 7.0 and later Apple devices and Jelly Bean 4.1 and later on Android devices.

Will the SkyPro Swing Analyzer Make Me a Better Golfer?

It is certainly true that “practice makes perfect.” But this only holds when you practice things correctly. If you practice your swing a thousand times the wrong way, all you are doing is training yourself to swing badly.

By using the SkyPro Swing Analyzer you get immediate feedback for each and every swing. And with its High Definition and 3D imaging, you can see just how your swing matches up to what it should look like.

Of course, none of this guarantees that you will take strokes off of your game. There are too many factors involved to make that promise. However, by understanding how you are doing things incorrectly and seeing when you do things right, you have a much better chance of improving your score than without this analysis. ally this to a gps to record your distances accurately and there really isn’t any excuse left for playing below your potential. 


When it comes to mastering golf, nothing beats having a professional giving you advice on each and every swing. Short of having a golf pro with you as you play a round of golf, the SkyPro Swing Analyzer is one of the best devices for analyzing and understanding your swing. Using the SkyPro Swing Analyzer will give you a perceptive on your swing that cannot be accomplished in any other way.

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