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I have been a keen golfer for over three decades. Over that time, I have tried almost everything on the market in terms of equipment. I am particularly interested in single length irons and minimalist golf and would consider myself an expert on both.

3 club golf

3 Clubs and a Putter

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One of the most popular ways to end the season at my club is with a 3 clubs and a putter tournament. It is often the only time that most golfers even think about going out with less than 14 clubs. As a minimalist golfer most of the time, it isn’t really a big surprise… Read More »3 Clubs and a Putter

pga putts per round

PGA Putts per Round

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After writing about the importance of greens in regulation, it seems like a logical step to talk about some putting stats. People tend to get very interested in the PGA putts per round and there is something we can all learn from these stats. It is actually worth digging into them a little bit further… Read More »PGA Putts per Round

green in regulation

What are Greens in Regulation?

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There are a lot of stats in golf, from driving distance to number of putts. I am planning to write a series of articles looking at these stats and the importance they might (or might not) have for the average golfer. One of the most used reference points on the course is greens in regulation.… Read More »What are Greens in Regulation?