The Best Irons for a High Handicapper

Along with “should I play blades?” What are the best irons for a high handicapper is probably one of the most common questions in golf. Of course there isn’t a one size fits all answer to this, but I don’t want to give just a generic, play what you like answer either. I believe that … Read more

Using a Complete Set of Hybrid Irons

One hybrid is good, two is probably better but what about a complete set of hybrid irons? Despite being widely castigated twenty-odd years ago when they first appeared, it is rare to find a bag without a hybrid nowadays, even among professional golfers. If the best golfers in the world play one or two, surely … Read more

Golfing Tips and Tricks

Golf can be a brute of a game. You can play for years, think you are really starting to master the game and one day it all falls apart and you are writing 12 somewhere on the card! there are no two ways about it, getting better is a never-ending process and you never really … Read more

Golf Fitness Training

Golf really isn’t my only passion in life and in a previous “career” I was lucky enough to play sport at level good enough to get paid for it (although not very much!) I have, as a result, a passion for all things training-related and golf fitness training manages to combine two of my main … Read more