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minimalist golf

Playing golf with fewer clubs in the bag

3 Clubs and a Putter

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3 club golf

One of the most popular ways to end the season at my club is with a 3 clubs and a putter tournament. It is often the only time that most golfers even think about going out with less than 14 clubs. As a minimalist golfer most of the time, it isn’t really a big surprise… Read More »3 Clubs and a Putter

Minimalist Golf Shoes

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You can play golf in all sorts of shoes Using a minimalist shoe helps you ‘feel’ the ground Be careful of grip without spikes Let me start me saying that shoes really aren’t my thing. I am never going to enjoy spending time shopping for them, it just isn’t in my DNA. That said, I… Read More »Minimalist Golf Shoes

5 Club Minimalist Golf

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It feels like I am writing an article every week on minimalist golf and this isn’t actually far from the truth. It is one my favourite aspects of the game and every time I think I have written everything I want to write, I find something else. So apologies to those who prefer to have… Read More »5 Club Minimalist Golf

The Joys of a Small Golf Bag

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small golf bag

As is the case for many people, the golf bag tends to become, over time, the equivalent of the back of the sofa. If you dig around a little bit, you never know what you will find. This might be anything from that commemorative pitch mark repairer you won to a half-eaten cereal bar that… Read More »The Joys of a Small Golf Bag