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golf club fitting

everything related to golf fitting and club making

Driver Length vs Height

Golf fitting is a complex area but there is generally a correlation between build and club specs. A shorter golfer will more often than not use shorter clubs and a taller golfer, longer. This seems like a self-evident truth. However, when we get to driver, the relationship isn’t quite the same. So how does driver… Read More »Driver Length vs Height

Should You Really Listen to Your Fitter?

golf club fitting

I should probably start this article by saying that I am not a golf fitter, nor have I played one on TV. I have been through various fittings (although never a full bag, top to bottom one done by a clubfitter who is completely independent of any brand.) However, I have just been watching a ‘fitting’ video done by a pro that made me absolutely cringe.

I won’t say who or where, but some of the things the ‘fitter’ was saying just made me shake my head. Now, this shouldn’t bother me, after all, it doesn’t change anything for me. However, the guy going through the fitting process clearly didn’t know anything at all (and as the customer, why should he? He pays for the fitter’s expertise after all.) but he is going to end up with a set of irons that are not going to be anyway near ideal for him.

Read More »Should You Really Listen to Your Fitter?