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beginner golf

Information for beginners about equipment, the swing and playing better golf

Beginning Golf for Women

Looking back over a lot of things I have written, I realise that a majority is addressed to men. I will generally say ‘he’ or even talk about things which might be of more interest to male golfers (distance, shaft choices etc) There is certainly no deliberate male bias here and I believe that almost… Read More »Beginning Golf for Women

How to Hit a Golf Ball

After spending a bit of time looking at how to hit the ball further and how to hit it better everywhere from tee to green, I realized that I have missed out one fundamental step. There is no point majoring in the minors so what about the very first thing that any aspiring golfer needs… Read More »How to Hit a Golf Ball

Finding a Beginners Golf Swing

A swing is a swing, at least in theory, but anyone who has spent any time around golfers can see an immediate difference between a beginner and a better player, just by watching them take a swing. And yet there are some very solid golfers who have swings that look like someone who should be… Read More »Finding a Beginners Golf Swing