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Getting better at golf

5 Short Game Drills

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The fastest way to improve quickly on the course is through intelligent practice. This is true for all parts of the game from tee to green. If you are looking for a few ideas to get better as you get closer to the flag stick, here are 5 short game drills you can try. 1)… Read More »5 Short Game Drills

Do Divots Matter?

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If you watch PGA golfers, especially in slow motion, there is something deeply satisfying about seeing that ball first contact followed by a beaver pelt divot being cut away after the ball. It just seems like the mark of a good golfer. Ball first, divot after. As a golfer who doesn’t take huge divots, I… Read More »Do Divots Matter?

How to be a Better Putter

Putting is, unfortunately, a bit of an issue for me. I have moments when I feel like I can hole anything but these are few are far between. Far more common for me is the desire to snap my putter in two and simply pick the ball up when I get on the green, In… Read More »How to be a Better Putter

How to Stop Topping the Ball

A top might just be the most common beginner miss in golf. Seeing the ball scuttling along the ground is a common sight on golf courses everywhere. It does tend to get less common with better golfers. As we improve, we get our fair share of thin shots but the stone-cold top isn’t a regular… Read More »How to Stop Topping the Ball

How to Get Better in Golf

Analyse your game Avoid mindless practice Cut out the disaster holes “I am happy with my level and I really don’t need to improve” is something you will hear from no golfer ever. Whether you are trying to get under a hundred, looking for your first bogey round, heading for single figures or trying to… Read More »How to Get Better in Golf

How to Practice Golf at Home

I am a fairly passionate golfer. You might even call me obsessed given that I spend a lot of times reading and writing about golf. I don’t actually spend as much time on the course as you might think though. In the Summer, I certainly golf more but it is not actually that uncommon for… Read More »How to Practice Golf at Home