What is a Golf Handicap?

If you are not a golfer, the idea of a golf handicap probably doesn’t mean much to you. This is not particularly surprising, but what might cause a raised eyebrow or two is that quite a large percentage of golfers don’t really know what it is either! I have heard some very confident explanations of … Read more

Can you Avoid Golf Chipping?

After writing a recent article about golf chipping giving some ideas that can make life a bit easier round the greens, I began thinking about something I mentioned in the article. The gist of it was, if you can avoid hitting a traditional chip shot in certain circumstances, this might be a good route to … Read more

Which Ball Position with Irons?

As golfers, we are constantly tinkering with all sorts of things from changing shafts to using a different ball. Generally, this is in an effort to lower scores, hit the ball better or produce a different shot. While I do all these things regularly, I think we could be missing a trick by not concentrating … Read more

Golfing Tips for Chipping

I should probably start this article by saying that I really am not the best role model around the greens! I am capable of fatting and thinning with the best of them and am usually happy with a very average result! Any golf tips for chipping that I give should probably be taken with a … Read more

Finding an Easy Golf Swing

As golfers, we can get very obsessed with distance and power. Finding ways to squeeze a yard or three out of our swings can become something of an quest. Distance is good, don’t get me wrong¬† and all things being equal, finding yourself a few yards further on off the tee leads to better scores … Read more

How Important is Wedge Gapping?

As obsessed as I generally am with all things golf, wedge gapping (and wedges in general) has never been high on my list of golfing priorities. I will happily change irons more often than I change my socks, but I have never paid that much attention to the short game clubs. I know about bounce, … Read more