Pitching Wedge vs Lob Wedge

Hitting a wedge from the bunker

Wedges are scoring clubs. Whether you are 100 yards out or just off the fringe, chances are you are reaching for a wedge. Which one you choose depends on a few different things and is in many ways a personal choice from one golfer to another. Looking at pitching wedge vs lob wedge and their … Read more

Buying Luxury Golf Clubs

luxury golf clubs

I was (yet again!) trying to guesstimate just how many iron sets I have been through over the last decade or so ans once again, the count gets a bit hazy after 30 or so! This got me thinking about the total value of these clubs. I then thought about what if I had just … Read more

How to Clean Golf Grips

how to clean golf grips

I generally like to do a lot of club repairs and modifications myself. This includes changing grips. Unfortunately COVID has impacted massively supply in the golf industry like many others. My local golf shop told me that for certain grips and shafts, delays are currently sitting at 6 months or more. I don’t change my … Read more